Products Quality Control Procedures

1. Cold Machining: Adopt dedicated tooling, all processes are equipped with corresponding measuring tools and the dimensions for various production processes are strictly controlled. Take the measures that operators inspect by themselves and inspectors inspect casually. The adjustment of the tooling for various processes is conducted by specialized inspectors on tablet and certain cases.

2. All heat treatment processes should be conducted on the corresponding equipment. If each time the hardness of the first workpiece is qualified, it will be dissected to inspect. Only when all the internal dimensions are ok, begin the quantity production. When all the workpieces finished,these workpieces will be done by flaw detection.

3. Each time the purchased parts must be inspected casually, only the qualified one can be stored in the warehouse.

4. For the track roller, carrier roller and idler, they must be firstly suffered pressure test and then a three-minute working test after assembly. Only the qualified ones can be cleaned and painted.